From “The Great Gatsby ”to Tamara De Lempicka

Just watched “The Great Gatsby”with a friend again ,to be honest ,when I first saw it,I didn’t like it very much .

But the golden rule of watching movies is of course “the more you know, the more fun you have”, so this time I noticed a lot of things that I didn’t notice back at that time.

Many times we are familiar with the feeling of a so-called aesthetic, but we can’t define it, we can only vaguely say this feeling. This feeling appeared in “Midnight Paris”, appeared in “The Great Gatsby”, appeared in Downton Manor, appeared in the 1920s Vogue photography.

It turned out that this style is called Art deco.

In this movie, Art deco presents a unified and retro “metal mechanical sense”.

In the contrast with the “Art nouveau “style ,with what I mentioned in my previous article ,which is connected with flowers and animals due to the influences of Japonism .

But Art Deco is very rational

Art Deco was a genre that flourished between 1920s and 1940s. It was born because humans began the industrial age. So it has another name, “The Elegy of Agricultural Civilization.”

Art deco has a kind of nostalgia for the aristocrats, palaces and crafts that passed away, but also the yearning for the new century, industry and machinery.

It is just like the adolescence of the history of human development, from the agricultural civilization to the industrial civilization, the comprehensive manifestation of the complex emotions that grow up overnight.

Art Deco has several very obvious features, such as mechanical, geometric, and purely decorative lines.

Another example is Daisy’s headscarf. A closer look at the movie shows a very large number of Art deco geometries.

When Art deco influenced the field of illustration, he liked to use strong primary colors and metallic colors. Bright red, bright yellow, bright blue, orange red, gold, silver, copper, etc.

The scene in the film

The concept of Art Deco is a very small genre in the art circle, but the magic is that the architectural circle is very hot, especially the Chinese architectural circle nowadays

Because in the early days of the industrial revolution, skyscrapers were generally regarded as a means of wealth and a means of showing off their strength.

That could explain why there are so many Art Deco style architecture in New York .

Not only in USA ,but also in shanghai ,as a fast developing city in the second economy of the world , shanghai has the second number of Art Deco style buildings in the world .

In New York, Shanghai, and Paris, Art deco was basically launched in all the metropolises of the world at that time.

Looking back to Shanghai in 1920, it is the most civilized and open city in China. Whether they are capitalists, employees or workers, peasants, revolutionary soldiers, they have a deep desire for modern civilization, which is beyond the reach of other Chinese cities.

Rich people and capitalists can build high-rise buildings like New York on the banks of the Huangpu River. The civilians will buy the month cards that are full of Art deco and hang in the living room.

Art Deco has completely surpassed this genre itself and succeeded in creating a modern lifestyle.

I can’t help but think of the “Romantic demise history”. In the stormy era, the look behind these modern Art Deco-style modern buildings, the glory and the glory, has gradually become part of Shanghai’s modern urban spirit.

I wrote it here and wanted to collect it, but I remembered writing a female artist named Tamara De Lempicka a few days ago.

If there is a writer, he can best reflect the era of the great wilderness of the United States in the 1920s, reflecting the fascination of the American dream, and then writing and the lost generation after the dream is definitely Fitzgerald.

But if you want to choose an artist to express this complex emotion, it is Tamara De Lempicka.

Fitzgerald is the man in Tamara’s painting, and Tamara is the woman in Fitzgerald’s writings.

Think about it, from a hundred years ago to now, from New York to Shanghai, Art Deco has always existed in the details of urban life and urban art, and many corners occupy our lives.

Before I watched “Midnight Paris”, I was particularly fascinated by the 1920s, just as Gao Xiaosong said that he really wanted to return to the Republic of China.

The country is unfortunate enough to be a poet.

The age of the drunkenness is the adolescence of human civilization. This is the case of adolescence. I want to explore the world. So people begin to study communism, study capitalism, study if they control themselves and the world, and when they want to write poetry in adolescence, they are in that short few. In the past ten years, countless literary and artistic people have been born. That is when the real human stars shine; the adolescence is aggressive, so one stop, two wars, we fight again and again, and win again and again. Give in again and again, tears again and again.

Art Deco really makes me think too much. I think it is especially good to see an article on Art deco. “We remember that it used art to heal the wounds and hide the strength and courage of the urban people.”

If you don’t create something, it’s hard to understand this sentence, just like every time I write, I feel that I can store the innocence and warmth, beauty and fantasy that are incompatible with the world. Maybe this is enough.


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