So lucky we still have matisse

one of the book i used to read says, “A painting should first be a holiday of the eye.”

No one in the history of art is more relaxed and casual than Matisse.

When I was visiting the south of France at nice ,the museum of Matisse caught my eye ,and made me fell in love with it immediately .

Me when I was visiting nice 🙂

One of Matisse’s most famous theories is the “easy chair theory”: art is like a comfortable easy chair, which plays a soothing role for the soul, so that the tired body can rest.

In Matisse’s chair, there is no heavy subject, because it will make people think too much in the world; there are few cool colors to make the main color, because it is too cold, even the lines are flowing, drifting, because deliberate The straight line will make people heavy.

What Matisse dreams of is a pure and quiet art that will allow you to avoid all the troubles and frustrations of the world.

Matisse was hospitalized for appendicitis at the age of 21 (of course, Matisse’s intestines suffered from pain until the end of his bowel cancer, which almost afflicted him for the rest of his life).

In order to help him pass the time, the mother sent him paints, brushes and picture books.

Whether it is Frida or Van Gogh, many artists are like this. The more you are suffering, the more you can feel the preciousness of art and beauty.

In the painting, Matisse, who was afflicted with illness, felt “freedom, tranquility and quietness” for the first time.

Art helped Matisse “escape”, so he decided to use art to help thousands of people “escape.”

When I watched Matisse’s paintings, what moved me the most was his still life.

Only when we think about it will we understand the meaning of this matter. An artist spends a lot of time and paint, just painting his own window or table.

In these paintings, I even felt that Matisse’s enthusiasm for life is just like a religious believer.

He loves life and he fears life.

It’s just a simple table, with flowers and food, it’s rich and beautiful, and the whole picture is almost impossible.

Matisse’s still life has a unique sense of rituals, and the more I grow up, the more I understand the sense of ritual.

Later, I had some friends who always study art. I heard that she said that she was raising peacocks in the yard. When she was collecting snowflake in the first snow of the year just for the tea ,I was really shocked .

I realized that these senses of rituals that I thought were meaningless when I was an economic student .

I realized that these ritual feelings made people become a kind of general art. Everyone’s life is his own art work.

Matisse taught me that you can completely ignore the cruelty of the world and artify your life.

In fact, Matisse’s life is not only tortured by illness.

Matisse has experienced two of the most brutal world wars in his life.

I used to think that it’s not cruel to face the battlefield, but now, just being unfriendly and not too cruel, I can’t control my depression, not to mention when it’s World War II. Europe.

At the time Picasso painted “Gernica”

Matisse it’s still trying to describe the beautiful Nice

It is not that Matisse has no artist’s conscience, but that he regards “for people to flee” as a kind of “responsibility”, otherwise he will not propose “an easy chair theory.”

The patient knows best, in the days of losing hope, hopes to be more valuable.

He wants the people at the time to believe that there will always be a day when we can walk in the sun like in the painting.

Matisse was also being objected before as well,Because he painted like a child.

But in Matisse’s paintings like children, I saw something called “the true color.”

There is an writer I like who use to said :

The so-called art life is the true life. There are two kinds of people in the world whose life is the least art, one is a laity, and the other is a hypocrite. “The laity” simply lacks the true color, and the “hypocrites” try to cover their true colors.

Whether they are “custom people” or “hypocrites”, they are all “dead people” in life.

Anyone who creates his own artwork in life should have a conscience.

In 1941, Matisse suffered from colorectal cancer. He could only take a wheelchair after surgery. He had already taken an animated pen, so he began to cut paper and make small cards.

Matisse is already a very famous artist, but he is obsessed with making these small cards and sending him to people who write to him.

He kept cutting in bed and used his children’s entertainment to kill the last time.

But the color and vitality of these cards is even better than the paintings of Matisse. In the heart of an old man who is entangled in illness, there are flowers, lightning, and dance; there are puppies, the sea, and the carriage.

Former artists who discuss politics and war, or who are obsessed with the highest super-technology in the annals.

But Matisse has been saying that life is so beautiful, you should look at it like a child.

We used too many brains but used too little heart.

But one of my favorite work of matisse is the church .

On the wall of the church, Matisse painted a very happy Jesus.

At that time, he had already hurt that even the brush was difficult to pick up, but he was very happy.

When I read about this part in the book,I cried .

In the church, there is a colored window.

They said that as long as they stood in front of this window, they would deny all the dark things in the world.

Art redeemed Matisse, and Matisse took it to redeem us.

In the Greek legend, there is a man named Icarus, the son of Daedalus.

Icarus flies in his life’s dream. He uses wax to stick the wing to his shoulders. He loves the sun. He loves the sky. He flies too much and forgets me so much that he is burned by the sun, and the wax melts and falls into the sea.

But in Matisse’s Icarus, a person is falling, next to the cosmic stars.

And he did not seem to resist, so he fell in peace.

In his body, there is a red heart beating.

Even if life is a fleeting fireworks, I ‘ll always chasing it

Matisse: Icarus eventually fell,

But he has a red heart, his heart is hot,

He is young and he wants to live himself.

Recently, there are often too many news that make us feel that this world is awful.

Fortunately, Matisse, he always told me that living itself is already a wonderful thing .

Thank you ,Matisse .


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      1. But I like just look at his painting too,his world is just beautiful :-)like the world of child where you can just relax and enjoy and everything is possible and future is always bright


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