The list of books and films of October

Last month I was very busy with many things ,so I didn’t have time to read a lot ,but I read those which is more relaxing

The list of books I’ve read:

1. Thé brief history of humankind

This is one of the best history book I read this year ,the writer is very young but his thoughts are quite deep,the topics almost concerned about every parts of human .

2. My cat yugoslavia

This is actually a book describing the immigrants from Middle East how they felt and living in north Europe take Finland for example

3. Gothic

I can’t describe how much I love about the churches I met in Europe ,this is also a good book of describing them .I can imagine if art could be a human ,Gothic must a be a very cold but beautiful woman.


I was visiting a friend in Barcelona so I wanted to know more about the architecture style of him .And it was really amazing .

5.Lord of the flies

A book about the relationship between groups and individuals ,I like it because of a friend who mentioned it ,he is someone who support everyone is equal and I’m the opposite we had some debate and I would like to know more about this topic .

6.japonisme in western painting from whistler to matisse

It’s always interesting to see how my own culture was in other area,this books made very specific listing .

7.In metro

This books writes about how he observe and was thinking when he’s taking the metro in Paris ,which is interesting to me ,after living in Paris I could recognize every part when he’s describing ,but it is also a little bit disappointed that he didn’t make this topic deeper .Its more like just some small thoughts on metro.

8.Thinking ,fast and slow .

The heaviest book I read this month ,but it gave me a new aspect of thinking about my life .


Last month was also a little bit complicated because I was invited to a film festival in Paris for part of the jury to give scores to the films ,it was wonderful and very precious experiences for me ,which also means I watched a lot of films in three days since most of the films are not commercial and open I’m not going to give comments ,I’ll only recommend those which everyone could found it

The list of films I’ve seen :

1.Die welle

This film kind of shocked me ,it describe a story how the the class in a German high school doing experiment of “dictatorship”government ,and it only took five days to make the class becoming nazis again ,which shocked me is that they are just doing the same thing as what I did in japan ,like stand up and answer the question or wear the same uniform everyday ,which I used to believe is right .

2.This is England

A little bit like the style of “train-spotting


Good film:-)!!!a story about screenplay

4.Avirl et le monde truqué

A film that is steampunk background and vintage style 🙂

5.chien de garde

This is the last one I watch at the film festival

6.The Young Girls of Rochefort

As always ,anyone who want the kindle version of the book I write in the blog could just email me ,if you don’t have a kindle you could also download the kindle app on iPhone or iPad which you could read it freely .

Enjoy and have a good weekend:-)

btw ,how did you celebrate the Halloween :-)?

Here’s my make up haha


13 thoughts on “The list of books and films of October

  1. That book on gothic architecture looks very beautiful and as soon as I saw the poster for Avril et Le Monde, Truque I said to myself that looks like a steampunk genre film and as soon as I read the description below, it turns out that it was. 😊

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      1. No need to change. Follow your nose, sotospeak, and explore everything and everywhere. In the end, you will have lived an interesting and fulfilling life. Godspeed on your journey.


  2. Thinking fast and slow is a heavy one. I never got to finish it, law school was taking up too much of my reading time. Thanks for reminding me to read it! 🙂

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