The story of unicorn

The unicorn is a beautiful creature that exists in real life. The whole body is white and the mane flutters in the wind like a flowing silver. But it is an extremely sensitive animal. Once it is detected that humans are close, it will transform its shape and mix it into the wild horses.
I am doing the business of unicorns. I have never caught a single unicorn. I can only hunt back a entire group of wild horses. There is a way to distinguish between wild horses and unicorns: the unicorns have gemstones in their stomachs, which they use to counter. But this method is useless, because once the unicorn’s stomach is cut, it is destined to die, and it will not reveal the original to death. The gems are far less valuable than the living unicorns.
We brought back all the wild horses, put them on the hoes, nailed them to the hoof, and told them to do the hardest and most tiring work, just like all the low-lying horses: pulling the truck, pulling the plate, and being beaten, being beaten, drunk The drunk driver whipped for no reason… In this way, after five years and ten years, the unicorn can no longer return to its original shape. Even if it is released into the wild, it will still be a tired horse.
At that time, we killed all the horses and checked their stomachs. In the belly of the horse that used to be a unicorn, we were able to find the original stone. We carefully carved out the shape of the gemstone. Inside the glorious gemstones, we can see the dreams of the unicorns. In the long years, the soul of the unicorn did not suffer in the flesh, but lived in the gems to dream. In the dream, we finally saw its true colors: the whole body was white, the mane fluttered in the wind, like flowing silver.
We put the gems on the dream catching net and sell them to the rich people who are insomnia.

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